‘Twas the night before Wellspring…

I guess I’m as ready for Wellspring as I’ll ever be.  I spent the last several hours rushing to get tags on my dolls, clothes packed, and a car rented.  It’s supposed to be in the 80s all week and I just can’t tolerate being in a hot car without AC for five and a half hours…

I emailed Skip last night about just giving him the W-9 rather than scanning and emailing it.  I feel weird emailing something with my social security number on it, you know?  A game account of mine was recently hacked and it made me feel concerned about security.  I haven’t heard back from him about it so I hope it’s okay!

Ok…  here’s hoping I can get some sleep!  I’m so excited to meet other ADFers and have a fun, Pagan time!

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