Gardening Update

Most of the bush beans are doing well.  The largest container is thriving and I already see tiny beans starting to grow.  The smallest and medium sized containers have flowers or buds.  One of the other medium containers doesn’t look well and I can’t figure out why.

My tomato seedlings are coming along.  The two patio tomatoes I bought seem limp.  It’s possible that it could be root rot or something called verticillium wilt….  I have to get them bigger containers anyway so I’ll see soon enough I guess…  In the meantime I need to find some sort of organic fertilizer.

The herbs and oakleaf lettuce is growing.  The three sisters container is slowly coming along.  Cucumbers, peppers, marigolds, carrots, and radishes are growing slowly but surely.

Like I said, I need more containers.  I also need more soil and some sort of organic fertilizer.

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