Attempting to be a Fashionable and Eco-Friendly Pagan

It was warm yesterday so I put on my new black capris slacks (so soft!) and a black tank with a lovely, loose scoop-neck short sleeve over it.  I thought my outfit would look particularly pulled together with all-black sandals*.  At the moment I have a very old, very worn pair of brown wedges, a very old, very worn pair of high heel black and cream sandals, white and cream jute wedges, black flip-flops, and all black high heels.  The latter I generally don’t like to wear much because, although they are comfortable, they clack very loudly and are finicky if I step wrong.  In other words, they force me to walk a certain – very careful way.  But I wanted to look nice so I put them on and, shortly after, nearly fell on my face in the kitchen.  I grumbled and found myself praying to the Gods to lend me grace.  In fact, all day I caught myself praying before I went down the stairwell.  “How funny,” I thought, “that I’m praying to the Gods to keep me upright when I’m the goof who decided to wear these shoes.”

I would like to find a comfortable, classy, and practical pair of black sandals.  Ideally they would be vegan and more fabric than plastic.  I’m having a difficult time finding anything like that…  Most eco-chic  shoes are very expensive.  Tom’s Shoes doesn’t seem to make sandals.  I normally love buying second-hand or vintage but I simply will not wear shoes another has worn.  It skeeves me out.  I will probably look around the mall and see if I can find anything…  But I will continue to look around online.  I’m not completely against spending $80ish for a pair of good shoes.  I wear shoes until they start to fall apart, so if I can find something of quality that is more earth-friendly than leather or pleather, I will consider it.

Being a fashionable and eco-friendly Pagan is a very fine line to walk…

* I have to look relatively nice where I work.  No sneakers or flip flops!

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