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I’ve been working on forming a better relationship with Brighid in regards to my art.  I’m a fairly busy artist and am working on a project just about every day.  I’ve developed the habit of praying to Brighid when I start my work.  I sometimes forget until I’m a few minutes in, but I stop and take a moment to pray to her.  I thank her for the guidance and inspiration she’s given me, ask for it to continue, and pray that I bring honor to her through my work.  I always light some incense as an offering.  I definitely feel that it’s strengthening my bond with her, and I feel very blessed to have her look over my shoulder every now and again.

Tonight I spent some time working on a couple dolls – mostly accessories for them.  My favorite part of doll making is giving them personalty.  I feel like my skills are expanding.  I’ve taken up basic carving to make a spear shaft and a staff.  This definitely gives me the confidence I need to make my own set of wooden ogham.  I had thought about buying wood at the craft store, but I would much rather use branches from the forest near my home.  My friend Parallax recently sent me a link to Lolair’s amazing ogham set on Deviant Art.  My carving and painting skills are so elementary that I don’t anticipate making anything like that, but that general idea is what I am going to aim for, sans fancy illustrations.  For now.

In other news, I’ve taken on another mentee.  I hope to be of service to him.  My first mentee is often quiet and aloof.  I try to stay in touch but some people need their space and I am fine with that.  I just hope they know I’m always here if they need it.

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