Ancestor Worship

I was going to go on an adventure today in the forests around Watertown.  My plan was to follow the map made by my grandfather to find my ancestor from Ireland who settled in this area.  But it’s been rainy on and off all day.  Normally that wouldn’t deter me, but my grandfather really wanted a photo of me and the headstone.  Truth be told, I wanted to take pictures anyway, but the wet weather is not good for my husband’s nice camera.  I also wanted to take the video camera and film it.  Same issue – rain and a video camera are probably not a good mix.  It would have been nice to visit my ancestor’s grave near Mother’s Day, but c’est la vie.  I’m hopeful for next weekend.  I would really like to go before the weather gets too humid and buggy.  Not to mention, my grandfather instructed me that it gets very overgrown where the graves are so once things really start to grow, it will be very difficult to locate.  Failing spring, there’s always late fall.  It would be really appropriate to go there around Samhain.  I’d love to build a small cairn and leave some flowers as an offering.

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