Happy Beltaine! Have some music. Dance and be merry!

Blessed Beltaine, my friends!  Or Bealtaine in Irish.  I sometimes like to call it that because it just feels so good rolling off the tongue.  Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  As has become tradition, I must post one of my favorite Jonathan Coulton songs.  FYI – it’s NSFW.  😉


What a great ditty. It always gets me happy and excited for Beltaine – in an immature, sexual kind of way. 😛 Truthfully, I’m already feeling the amorous energy associated with the day!

To get you up and moving around, here’s one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands, Omnia! I’s called Tine Bealtaine. Nothing like a great, upbeat Neo-Medeival tune to get you in the mood for one of the most important holidays in modern Paganism!


Today the husband and I are going to celebrate with our grovies at Muin Mound after attending an Earth Day celebration at The Mustard Seed in Watertown. Whatever you’re doing, be safe, have fun, and may the Kindreds bless!

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