I spent some time with my family driving through the Otsego County today.  It’s always nice to see different areas in the state.  I’ve been there a few times as a child/young adolescent, but not recently.  Upstate NY is so beautiful.  We drove by glimmering lakes, sprawling wetlands, emerald pastures, and numerous content looking cows (which always makes me happy!).  I got to hand feed a pair of geese which was fun but intimidating at first.  They were domesticated but I know they can be quite mean when they want to be.

Still, it was nice to return to our home in the North Country.  I’m finding myself more and more content up here.  Watertown has grown on me quite a bit.  Clayton is wonderful and has so many cultural activities.  We’re really not that far from the fun in Syracuse.  There’s the beautiful Thousand Islands with plenty of swimming and boating.  Oh, and there’s a little thing called Canada literally a hop, skip, and a jump away (not that we’ve taken advantage of that proximity yet!).

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get into the woods and clean up some of the litter that’s there.  I’ll do it in honor of the land Goddess.  I feel her all over NY and love exploring her many features.

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