Thoughts on Drums

After last night’s post, I couldn’t help but think about my drums and their leather heads.  What did that mean about me?  I talked about it with my husband.  We both agreed that they were purchased during a time when we were less strict on ourselves.  Hubby has purchased some leather shoes in the past, mostly because, at the time, it was very difficult for him to find any in his size and in our price range.  The drums were my purchase.  We talked a bit about which could be better for the environment.  It made me recall an article I read a few months ago about which was better – leather or pleather purses.  In the end, neither – unless they were purchased from a trusted, environmentally responsible company (which tend to be very, very expensive!)*.  The same is probably true with the drums.**

Am I about to buy another new drum with a skin head?  No…  After thinking about it, I realized that, given how strict I am on myself now, it wouldn’t make sense for me to do that.  I think the next time I buy a drum, whether it is skin or synthetic, I will buy it used.  That way I’m not forced to support the leather/meat industry or the plastic industry – I’m supporting the movement that says no to throwing things away.***

*I believe the article suggested fabric purses or used for those unable to afford the others.

** Please don’t interpret this post as an attempt at preaching.  This is me venting my personal frustrations with myself and my own self-imposed morality/lifestyle.  If you own drums with skin heads, or are planning to buy one, awesome!  I’m not going to judge you so please don’t judge me.  🙂

*** There are plastic(y) products that are hard to avoid.  Shoes, for example, are one.  The idea of wearing used shoes freaks me out.  As far as medical and computer equipment go, you want the best bang for your money and that usually means it’s new.  I purchase synthetic fabrics but am slowly trying to find more affordable natural, organic fabrics.  Price is part of the hurdle.  For me, it’s all about baby steps.  And a drum, being so impractical on one level and yet highly spiritual on another – it seems like the sort of object I should really put a lot of thought into in regards to my morality.  I hope this makes sense…

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