I shot my first large gun.  The recoil surprised me, causing me to shriek and throw the gun after firing.  Luckily it’s only a single shot so the gun was empty!  My complete lack of grace was redeemed by the fact that I actually hit the target – a stationary clay pigeon. 

After that we took a walk along the Mohawk River.  It was wonderful to be outside.  Everything is turning green.  We saw some little fish as well as several invasive zebra mussels on the rocks.  I greeted the river Goddess – I didn’t really have anything to offer other than my respect. 

I brought one of my ISP books with me.  The men-folk are playing the new Splinter Cell video game so I might as well take advantage of my time and study!  

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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  1. YOU NEVER MENTIONED MY BIRTHDAY! That's ok, I'm glad you had fun, sorry you were so surprised with shooting the gun, it gets easier I promise. Miss and Love You!

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