Pagans of Upstate NY

This post is to let other Pagans in Upstate NY know about the newly reorganized and renamed forum Pagans of Upstate NY (PUNY).  It was originally for Pagans in the Mohawk Valley, but some of us moved and the core group decided to form more of a private Wiccan study group/coven.  The forum remained open for networking purposes until it was suggested that we reach out to other geographical regions in Upstate NY.  There are a lot of groups and, unfortunately, we’re often isolated from one another.    Although I don’t advocate for all groups to be open, I do think it’s important for Pagans of all paths to communicate with each other and network.  We need each other for support.  We need to be knowledgeable about what else is out there in case a seeker comes who isn’t right for one group but would be perfect for another.  If someone is moving from one region to another, we hope to be of help in sharing knowledge of who and what is available in certain areas.  We should be sharing what sort of workshops are happening in different regions.  Witchvox is excellent in many ways but it doesn’t always have everything, and a forum for otherwise isolated Pagans could be really helpful.

So if you are from Upstate NY, or have any interest in our area, please consider yourselves invited to forum!  We’re still working on reorganizing some things and getting a complete mission statement on the main page of the forum, but input from other regions would be really helpful.

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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