Seed Time!

I started some seeds indoors today.  I’ve got three varieties of beens, a couple different types of radish, some squash, a couple corn seeds (I want to try 3 sisters in a container), and some zucchini.  I just ordered some more seeds: slim Jim eggplants, brandywine tomato, ruegen strawberry, oakleaf lettuce, thyme, tender sweet carrots, lavender vera, tigerella tomato, silver sage, and Italian large leaf basil.  I’m really excited!  Perhaps I’m being a little too ambitious this year, but I’ve got a large patio and a larger gardening budget.  I need to start collecting lots of containers and potting soil now!  I’m excited about the strawberries.  I’ve seen some upside down strawberry containers that I’d like to try.  I may try it with one of the tomatoes too.  There are a lot of things I would love to try growing but I don’t want to be *too* ambitious.

I’m thinking of doing a ritual later tonight for the seeds I planted this afternoon.  Here’s hoping it helps!

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