I had a really great experience keeping the flame last night.  I started to do some housework between finishing up some internet tasks, so I got that out of the way before I even started.  As the sun set, I closed my eyes and steadied my breath, focusing on the task at hand.  I then lit the candle and said a prayer.

After that, I got to work and did some exercise.  I’ve been trying to work out for 30 minutes every day.  I inevitably skip some days, but, on a whole, I’m proud of the progress I’ve been making.  I love doing yoga before my aerobics.  I’ve lost some weight and I feel good about myself.  In addition, it’s helping me improve my breathing.

After exercising I took a cleansing shower before going to my ritual room for an hour’s worth of self-reiki and meditation.  The reiki felt amazing and I’m definitely getting better at sensing my own energy flow.  The meditation was all over the place.  I started breathing and quieting my mind.  I’ve been envisioning a flame into which I throw all of my worries.  From there I met my lynx spirt guide who took me on a walk.  I was hoping to do a meditation suggested in the book I’ve been reading (more on that in a later post) but I guess last night was not for it.  I happened to see someone I know in real life in my meditation.  He was wearing a blacksmith apron and working in a forge which was strange.  He’s not the sort of person I envision doing things like that.  I said hello and asked what he was doing there, and in typical fashion he shrugged and basically said “you know, doing stuff.”  I don’t know why it was him or what was going on, but I was keeping Brighid’s flame and she is associated with blacksmithing.

I kept seeing a city in the distance, a place I wanted to go as part of another meditation, and I even got to the doorway.  My fox spirit guide showed up and said that I wasn’t ready tonight.  I was feeling sleepy so it was decided that I should return until another day.

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