It’s here!

Well, one of them.

One of what, you ask? Why, one of the three books I ordered to study magic in Northern Europe as part of the ISP! I’ve been anxiously awaiting for their arrival and, now that I have one, I can begin Magic I!

I received The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition   by Steve Blamires today.  The cover posted above (acquired from Amazon’s listing) is different from the book I received*.  Mine also doesn’t include the subtitle “Ancient Wisdom of the Battle of Moytura.”  As it turns out, I now have an earlier edition.  Flipping through, I see some beautiful, if infrequent, illustrations like this one of Lugh*.  

The back of the book reads:

The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition is the first full interpretation of the newly discovered native magic tradition of the ancient Irish Celtic legends.  The main focus of this book is on ‘The Battle of Moytura’, a part-historical, part-mythological record of the war between the Fir Bolg (the aboriginal inhabitants of Ireland) and the Tuatha de Danann (a mystical, magical rase of overseas invaders.)  From this wealth of material, Steve Blamires devises not only a powerful and fascinating magical system, but practical exercises and meditations, leading up to a full ritual based on the system.  ‘The Battle of Moytura’ contains within it the whole essence of the Irish Celtic spiritual and magical system, as well as practical instruction on how to live successfully both in this world and in the Otherworld.

 I’m hopeful the author discusses the other Irish “races” and doesn’t lump them into the Fir Bolg.   The reviews on Amazon are all 5 stars so…hopefully the book doesn’t make me throw it across the room!  I’m really looking forward to reading it.  I should go do that…  now!**

* For my LJ friends:
**…right after I answer an email and do my Wii fit exercises!  😛

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