Bits and Bobs on a Tuesday Night

First off, a doodle I’ve been toying with tonight.* I was experimenting with some charcoal. Not really done but thought I’d share.

I was really hopeful to get one of my books on magic in Northern Europe today. I can’t wait to start the ISP! In the meantime, I’m slowly working my way through some online drawing tutorials while coming up with sources for my muse essay.

In other news, I decided not to attend the Watertown CUUPS ritual tonight. I’m really congested and I can’t participate well in a group meditation when I feel like I can’t breathe. I hope they enjoy themselves!

Finally, I thought I should mention that I found my missing oath ring! It was hiding in a laundry basket. My hand feels less naked! Out of curiosity, do any of you have spiritually significant jewelry? What is it, where do you wear it, and what is the symbolism behind it?

* For my lj friends:

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