What’s New in the North Country?

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My progress is slow.  I’m waiting for my books on magic in Northern Europe to arrive.  I cannot wait to attack them!  As far as the art SP is concerned,  I have to combine my working outlines into one document.  I was going to do laundry today but I think I’ll do that instead!  Last night I finished my book about Brighid and, oh my goodness, I learned so much.  A full review will come soon.  I promise.

Where were you when I needed you?!

The “former” MVPN forums* have a new member – a person who just moved from the “North Country” (not sure from where, exactly) to Utica.  Not only that, but she and her husband have recently become interested in Druidism!  When I was in Utica trying to start a protogrove, where were the other Druids?  Now I’m up here, and they move to Utica.  Bugger all!

Unfortunately for them, although the MVPN forums are still an open, networking space, the group no longer exists as it was.  The Wiccans are having more intimate gatherings at their homes and have every intent to focus more on their liturgy for the sake of personal development.  I hope the new Druid sees my reply in which I encourage her to check out ADF and Muin Mound in particular.  I hope to see her there!  

Sad News

I discovered a couple nights ago that my “oath ring” was not on my finger. That’s right, the ring that belonged to my mother.  The one I used to replace to broken ring.  I’m officially bummed.  That ring was important on so many levels.  I’ve looked everywhere…  I know it’s not tragic and that there are people with way worse problems, but I’m allowed to feel sad about it.

On the plus side, I felt driven to sit down and *really* meditate before bed.  I was having a difficult time getting into it for a little while.  As soon as I entered my “mental nemeton,” I found my fox spirit waiting for me.  I’ve been seeing and hearing about foxes everywhere recently so I wasn’t surprised to see her there.  She lead me through the forest and over a hill to a lake where she told me to bathe.  I washed and somehow felt better but also felt the desire to cleanse myself in a physical lake.  I also felt an overwhelming validation that the ring was not my spirituality – it was merely a symbol of it.

Hmmm…  I should do a reading.  I definitely feel that there are lessons to be learned from this, but I would like to hear what the Kindreds have to say about it.

* I say “former” because, although we have decided to change the name, the boards are still called The Mohawk Valley Pagan Network.  I’m really pushing for a name change and for the group to become a networking site for all of Upstate NY.  For more on this, please see my post “On the Vital Importance of Pagan Community.”

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