The Game Plan

As you saw in my last post, I’m working diligently on the Artisan Guild study program.  I want to get into the Initiate Study Program as well and was suddenly feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities.  Kirk gave me some perspective that really helped.  I need to find a balance between the practical/experimental and the academic.  This goes for my art studies as well since I’m doing them at the same time.

I was thinking of doing Divination 1 for the ISP.  I may yet start the research components of it, but I don’t want to start the journal until I’ve created a new set of ogham and I’m planning to do that as part of my Artisan Guild study program.  So here’s what I’m thinking (bear with me if this seems complicated – it makes sense to me!):

1) Submit my working outlines to the Art Guild preceptor.
2) Use some online drawing tutorials to refamiliarize myself with perspective, scale, shading, etc…
3) Continue sketching and, eventually, create the necessary pieces for my portfolio.
4) By then I can start “Technical Competence” requirement 3 – “Single Ritual Piece,” aka my new and improved ogham.
5) Then I can use the ogham to practice divination for Divination 1.

In the meantime!

1) Start Magic 1.  I just ordered a few books to help me complete this portion:

I’m really excited to dig into these!  
2) By the time I finish Magic 1, I’ll be able to do Magic 2 and overlap the journaling with Trance 1.
3) Hopefully, after all the above work, I’ll be able to start my divination journal at this time.  
4) Throughout all of this I’ll be studying Irish, working towards the goals outlined in Indo-European Language 1.
So, yeah.  I have a *lot* of work ahead of me.  How exciting!  Seriously, I love this sort of stuff.  (Yes, I miss college already!)

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  1. DeviantArt can really help you if you're looking for practical art-related tutorials. Joining is free, there's lots to do as far as community goes (groups, chat, etc.) and there's always something nice to look at for inspiration ^^

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