Sketchy sketches

I don’t know if it was the sudden decrease in temperature, the rain, my inability to sleep last night, a combination, or something else entirely, but I felt like crap this morning.

Anyway.  I think I’ve finished my working outlines as required by the Artisan Guild study program.  I want to give them another read before I send them in tonight.  I hope they’re acceptable.  I’ve decided to focus on drawing as my second medium.  My explanation is in my drawing outline which I will post once I’m happy with it.  Anyway, I’ve been drawing on and off for years.  It’s been awhile so I’m really rusty.  Here’s what I’ve been toying with. *  Excuse the fact that they are web cam photos rather than scans.  I couldn’t be bothered to get the scanner connected to my computer for these. **

This is my teacup from yesterday morning’s breakfast.  I did some shading today after I realized, to my horror, that I put the cup in the sink before I was finished with the lighting.  So…  it’s a little wonky and you can tell I’ve not been shading for a long time.  My husband (bless his honesty) pointed out that the proportions and/or the perspective is a little off.  I knew there was something off but it took a second pair of eyes to really help me figure out what it was.

Here’s my husband’s Xbox controller.  This was challenging because of all the curves.  I don’t think I’ve ever drawn anything like it so it was a fun practice.  Again, things don’t seem quite right but I’m still proud of what I was able to accomplish!

* Please don’t laugh.  I’m getting back into the groove of a hobby I was never very good at to begin with! šŸ˜›

**  Again, for my lj friends:

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