Happy Sunday, readers!  Did you remember to spring forward?

North Country Goes Green

I wanted to start off by apologizing if I sounded *really* negative about the Watertown Irish Festival.  It really wasn’t that bad.  I was mostly annoyed by the difficulty we had finding parking and how crowded the building was.  I tried to say this last night, but I must have been too tired to finish the thought.  (Wow that really reflects well on my blogging, doesn’t it?!)  Utica, as I was saying, has their Irish Festival on some fairgrounds which offer ample space for vendors, performances, and various cultural activities.  There’s also a lot of parking.  I understand that Watertown wants to have the event closer to St. Patrick’s Day, but that means it’s cold, possibly raining, and probably muddy out.  Utica waits until around Lughnasadh, the traditional gathering of the Celtic tribes.  This means it’s usually pretty comfortable out and the fairgrounds make sense.  So…  either Watertown should plan their festival later in the year or find a larger building with better parking.   Otherwise, do go!  If you’re a proud Irish descendant, it’s always fun to celebrate your heritage, and the money is going to a good cause – Project Children, an organization that aims to promote peace between Protestant and Catholic Ireland.

So, back to my regularly scheduled blogging*.

Art Guild and Initiate Study Programs

As you know, I’m working on the above study programs.  I’ve only just dipped my big toe in.  I’m starting to sketch again.  I’m thinking of making drawing my second medium.  My friend Parallax encouraged me to look to something less three dimensional.  A lot of the sewing I do, dolls and costumes, a lot like sculpting.  While I still want to learn more about sculpting with materials such as porcelain, furthering my drawing skills could be very helpful in the design aspect of sewing.  I studied drawing in high school and college but, unfortunately, a lot of my previous work has gone missing.  It’s the unfortunate side of frequently moving.  I found some of my old supplies and have started to study things and sketch them.  Last night my husband’s Xbox controller graciously modeled for me.  This morning I started to sketch my tea cup.

As far as sewing goes, I’ve been busying myself this morning by taking apart old garments that don’t fit or are worn out.  I’m going to repurpose the fabric in some other sewing projects eventually.

The book I’ve been reading, The Rites of Brigid Goddess and Saint, has given me a lot of ideas for my essay on her relationship to the arts.  I’ve learned a lot already, especially in regards to the folk practices that existed throughout Celtic countries.  I’m also inspired to learn more about Irish textiles.  I know they used linen and wool most of the time.  I’ve been researching their clothing and it’s really fascinating.

In regards to the Initiate Study Program, I’m trying to figure out where to start.  It’s kind of daunting when you get right down to it!  At the very least, I want to get back into a more regular meditation routine.  As I was telling my mentee, I have an on-again-off-again relationship with meditation.  I feel that it’s vitally important to my health and spiritual relationship to the kindreds, but my dedication comes and goes in waves, usually interrupting by my stress and energy levels.  Learning how to get past that so that my meditation is just as uninterrupted as my daily devotional: that is my goal for the ISP.  I need to develop some sort of schedule.

ADF Store

In other news, the ADF store, despite the message on the home page, is once more opened for business! They have a large assortment of publications, jewelry, and clothing.  I’m thinking about getting a hoodie.  I’ve heard that Wellspring is cold at night, and I could use a nice warm sweatshirt.

* Actually, my blogging is not scheduled.  It’s sporadic and seems more frequent on the weekends.

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