I wanted to share a couple photos with you*. The first is of my in-progress traveling altar.

It’s made from a small wooden box purchased at a craft store.  I painted it with two coats of dark green.  It probably could have used more but live and learn.  I like my little amateur triple spiral on the top.  😀  I have yet to work on filling it with anything, but I’m hopeful to finish it by next weekend.  I’m supposed to be in Utica for a reiki workshop and will be staying over night with my parents.  I hate being away from my altar during such visits.  I feel less than pious.  I’m planning to put two candles in it – one to represent the fire and one for keeping Brighid’s flame should I be away from home on such a night.  I’m considering using an LED candle for that in case I’m in a hotel.  Lighting a tea light for a quick devotional is one thing, but leaving it on for several hours is quite another.  I was hopeful that my husband would draw me a picture of a tree but, alas, he has been distracted by video games.  I’ll have to think of something else.  I would also like to find something to represent the well and an offering bowl (a tiny one).  Maybe even a vial of salt and oil?  Oh and matches.  Can’t forget the matches!

The second photo is the most recent shot of my altar.

Everything is pretty much the same as the last photo except that, instead of my fairy wand acting as the tree, I finally hung the tree tapestry my husband gave me.  Isn’t it lovely?  I think it makes my altar. There are still changes I would like to make.  For example, I could really use a better storage system below.  I’m also not keen on keeping my matches on top but, due to the mess below, it is the most convenient place to keep them for the time being.  I also need a dish to put under my three-wick candle.  Once it shrinks, my altar will be in greater danger of burning down without one!

Other things on my alar that I love-

My sister designed a print of the prayer I say every morning and evening.  It’s framed below my tree.  The harp represents An Dagda.  The doll is Brighid.  (I’m planning to make another at some point.)  The cauldron is from my brother-in-law (to be).  The wooden carving of the horned man is something my husband made.  The rock is from the mountain he proposed to me on.  The little cauldron holding my matches (by Brighid) is from my mother’s toy stove.  The little white statue under Brighid was made by my sister-in-law.  My offering bowl (absent from the photo) was given to me by an old Pagan friend, Bruce.  Lots of beloved mementos make up my shrine. 🙂

* For my lj friends:

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  1. I'm honored that my print is front and center. I worked hard on it, and I'm so happy it means that much to you. We love you very much. It all looks lovely.

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