Hoping to try CUUPS

Ok.  I emailed the liaison for CUUPS in Watertown.  According to the website, they meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.  I would hate to go and find out it was rescheduled, though, so I wanted to email and get some details about what the topic of discussion will be and if I’m expected to bring a dish.  I’m really dedicated to going this time.  If people really rub me the wrong way, I just won’t go back.  If it’s  iffy, I’ll take my friend Katrina’s advice and go a few times just to make sure.

Quite simply, I would really love some Pagan contacts up here.  I would love to make a friend.  I cannot find anyone on my own it seems.  There’s the store Moontide but the shopkeeper is New Agey – not Pagan.  Meetup.com doesn’t list any groups.  Facebook yields similar results.  I’m not about to send private messages to complete strangers on Witchvox.  I want to meet in the relative safety of a group.  Something sanctioned by the UU puts me at further ease.

Sooo…  Here’s hoping (if the meeting is on) that my husband is willing to go with me (I am SO not going alone) and that it is mostly positive.

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