I love getting books!

As some of you may remember from a previous post, I was recently accepted into the first circle of the Artisan Guild study program within ADF.  I am to explore the historical, technical, and spiritual aspects of art, focus on two mediums, and work with a deity associated with art.  The historical bits are on hold for the moment until I can visit family in Utica and determine whether or not the books belonging to my art-major siblings are what I need.  I have started the technical aspects for one medium.  In regards to the spiritual side, I just got a book I ordered in the mail and I am so excited.

It’s called The Rites of Brigid Goddess and Saint by Sean O Duinn (I apologize for my lack of accents in the name). There were some great reviews on Amazon, including one from someone I very much respect: Erynn Laurie of Celtic Recon fame.  
I have not started the book yet.  I only returned home from work two and a half hours ago and spent much of that time exercising and putting dishes away.  Rest assured, once I finish it I will post a review.  I’m very excited about reading it because, believe it or not, I don’t have any books devoted to my patroness.  I have plenty of myths in which she features.  I have anthologies of Irish stories.  I have a growing collection of Pagan literature in which she is mentioned here and there.  This is the first book I have purchased that explores the traditions surrounding her.  I feel that buying and reading such a book is important, not only for my understanding of my beloved Goddess, but for understanding her connection to the arts.  I am hopeful that this study/ethnography (I’m not sure what it will be more of) will inspire me to grow closer to Brigid/Brighid and work more with her in conjunction with my artistic pursuits.  

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