Crafty Day!

Brighid has lit the fire in my head today!  Surprisingly, most of my creative energies have been focused on painting.  I did sew a pencil case for my husband today but that’s about it.  (Sewing plaid continues to be a challenge but, the more I do it, the better I get!)

I worked on a wooden magazine holder.  It’s shaped like a house and I want to make it look like a stone cottage.  I put a first coat of gray on it before bed last night.  Today I started to paint in the stones.  I don’t intend for it to hold magazines but take-out menus.

I’ve also worked more on the old frame I rescued from the garbage.  I painted a coat of pink on it earlier in the week.  Today I used some of my favorite paint (shiny, sparkly green!) and painted the wooden applique leaves.  I’m planning to color the flowers white with yellow/gold centers. They remind me of chamomile.  I’m still not sure what to write in the space I sanded out.  “Be whimsical…”  “What if…?”  “Imagine…”  “Imagine if…”  “Dress up!”  I want it to be whimsical and go along with the theme of dressing up.  I attached wires to the frame and I’m planning to hang earrings and necklaces from them.

Some of you may remember my desire to create a traveling altar.  I’ve taken steps toward that by finding a small wooden box.  I’ve given it two coats of dark green.  It might need a third, I’m not sure.  I’m planning to cover it in swirls.

The box is large enough for two tea lights which is what I desire.  One will act as the sacred flame and the other will dedicated to Brighid in case I’m away from home on my flamekeeping night.  I’m not sure what to use for a cauldron and a tree.  A part of me desires to find/paint/draw a tree on a bit of paper that I can lean against something.  Perhaps I’ll enlist the help of my husband now that he has all his pencils in a case I made for him.  A gift for a gift, right?

In other Druidic news, I’ve taken on my first mentee!  I’m very excited about this because it will be just as much a learning experience for me as it is for him. I hope that my being a novice mentor doesn’t bother him.  I’m confident that my experience tutoring in a writing center for several years and my education background will be helpful to us both.

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