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As you know, I’m very excited that the Artisan Guild study program in ADF was finally approved. At long last I can finally start! Only… I need some books.

I need to learn about art history. Unfortunately I never had time for those courses in college (a transcript would have counted…) Many of my artsy friends who were lucky enough to take such a course bemoan how boring it was. Maybe so, but I find the subject fascinating and always regretted my short supply of time. There was always a major or minor-related class I needed.

C’est la vie. I can study it now on my own and within a guild. After looking at reviews of the other suggested reading, I have decided that Janson’s History of Art: The Western Tradition by Penelope J.E. Davies, Walter B. Denny, Frima Fox Hofrichter, and Joseph F. Jacobs is the best option. Unfortunately, because of its textbook status, it’s also quite expensive. There are used copies but, again, a pretty penny. I’m first checking (via Facebook) to see if any of my art major/minor friends have a copy they are willing to lend or sell. Failing that, when I get my next paycheck, I’ll make the investment. I do so adore books, so it wouldn’t really depress me to drop some cash on one as celebrated as this.

While on the subject of ADF study programs, I really do intend to finish my intention letter for the initiate study program tonight. I think I recently said that, even should I have to revise some of my DP to get in, I am okay with that. I don’t intend to rush through the ISP. I’m hoping to begin a masters program this fall or next spring. The Gods know I won’t be able to do it all at once. But if I can chip away at it, requirement after requirement, and somehow motivate myself to practice every day, that would be a wonderful development in my spiritual life.

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