Remember that stand I salvaged earlier? I saw an old picture frame in the pile as well. After bringing the husband home tonight, I asked if he would stop with me to take a look. It’s large and seems fairly old. The glass was broken and covered in frost, but we could see an almost ghostly portrait of a man staring out at us. We decided the frame was salvageable even though some of the decor was broken off.

I brought it in and immediately got to work sanding the wood and old paint as much as I wanted. I had to pry the pack off with a hammer. The portrait, which was drawn, had already been damaged. Opening the frame exacerbated the tears, unfortunately. The paper was backed by a rectangle of fabric which, stiffened with age, disintegrated almost instantly. I tried to peal some of it off to save the portrait but only ripped it more. I kept a chunk of the gentleman’s face – the eyes. Don’t ask me why – I really couldn’t say. It’s currently pinned on the bulletin board in my studio. Maybe I’ll decoupage it onto something.

Anyway, my plan for the frame is to nail/staple wires horizontally from right to left. I’m then going to use it as a jewelry organizer for the bathroom. Shabby chic, as they say. I’ve given it a coat of paint and I might just leave it as a single coat. I like the dark colors showing through the rose pink. I’m going to add some accents and, where the decor was rubbed off, I’m going to write something. What, I don’t know. I’m thinking about “jewelry” in French. I’m kind of going for a French theme in the bathroom I suppose… Slowly but surely…

Creative projects like these get me so excited. I feel so close to Brighid and the imbas she puts in my head. I’m very glad that my artistic motivation has returned.

Speaking of art, the Artisan Guild study program in ADF was officially approved! Since completing the Dedicant Path, I’ve been excitedly waiting for this.

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