Spiritual Goals for 2010

Everybody has their lists of resolutions and I’ve already added my own in the form of environmentalist goals (some of which are harder to keep than others due to hubris). I’m working hard to try and remember my reusable bags and Ron and I have exclusively been purchasing eco-friendly recycled, degradable, chlorine-free toilet paper and paper towels. (We make the paper towels last by only using them for cleaning our ferret cage and getting cat vomit off the carpet. Truly nasty messes. We use rags made from old tshirts for everything else.)

But I have other goals, some of which could have been posted on my list of eco-friendly goals. Anyway, here is what I want to do more of in 2010.

1) Improve My Gardening Skills – This year finds me in a first floor apartment. I’m not allowed to change the landscaping in any way, but I do have a nice little patio. Last year I started a container garden and I still have some of the plants – catnip, chives, and even a tomato plant that has yet to flower! I want to build on my garden this year. Last year I planted beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. Everything was started from heirloom seeds. This year I want to add radishes, peppers, cucumbers, and maybe some eggplant. I’d like to add more herbs as well including oregano.

2) Frequent the Farmers’ Market – Watertown has a great farmers’ market every Wednesday in the summer. I was only able to visit once in August, the month we moved to the North Country. This year I want to take advantage of all the locally grown food. While I’m hoping to get the bulk of my tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and herbs from home, I could buy more tomatoes, peppers, and cukes at the market. I could also buy potatoes, squash, corn, and other such yummies.

3) Sew More For My Spirituality – I want to make myself a warm cloak to wear to rituals. My husband could use one as well. I’m hoping to attend Wellspring and would love to make a banner to decorate our tent. I want to ask my grove what they want from me because I would love to give back.

4) Start the Generalist Study Program and the Artisan Guild Study Program. I also want to try getting accepted to the Initiate Study Program. Druidism and ADF have become important to me and I want to learn more and give back.

5) Contribute articles to OL and send more in to Tribeways. Again, giving back.

6) And as always – I want to meditate more.

What are your spiritual goals?

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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