Moons and Meditations

(I posted this to my old lj a couple days ago… I figured I should put it here…)

There’s supposed to be a full moon tomorrow. My friend and fellow Pagan, Katrina, challenged MVPN members to work with the moon each month for a year. I’m going to try and take her up on that. I’ve always loved the moon and I’ve often thought about meditating on it. I think I may try what OBOD suggests and meditate on world peace during days of the full moon. The Henge of Keltria often focuses on healing and that fits in nicely with the theme. I’m not sure what to do on New Moons… Maybe internal or other magical work?

I meditated last night and had a pretty successful … journey? I don’t know. It felt like a waking lucid dream perhaps… I blame the glass of wine I had immediately before I began. I was fully in an internal world of my making – my own dream nemeton – and was able to make decisions and communicate but at the same time I felt pulled by things. I ended up visiting a rock Katrina often leads us to in guided meditations. I’ve been visiting for years and I always find An Dagda there. He had a lot to say about my tribe. I then found Brighid and she encouraged me to work on more artistic pursuits, especially in regards to Druidism. Lugh appeared and he demanded offerings… I don’t often experience things like that. Perhaps I will also do that tomorrow? He does deserve it. I pray to him whenever Ron or I go somewhere. I thank him when we arrive but, considering that we discovered only one of our brakes was functioning for months… He really does deserve more.

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