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M.A. Phillips has written and published various stories and novels about contemporary Pagans featuring elements of magical realism, romance, bonds, and environmentalism.


Mythology, folk magic, and the environment inspire M. A. Phillips’ other creative passion – fiber art. She has shared and sold various creations over the years, including One of a Kind (OoaK) fabric art dolls for display or spiritual work.


Having embraced a polytheistic path, M. A. Phillips studies Irish mythology and folklore. She completed her Dedicant Path with ADF in 2009, and is a founding member of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF.

Lacey and Cian embrace a new path in life, but fresh mysteries and dangers stalk the forest around their home. The dreams and visions that once guided Lacey have gone silent, and Cian’s own intuition blossoms whether he wants it or not. With their abilities transforming, and tragedy at their heels, can Lacey and Cian do what they must to protect their family and Pagan community, even when one of their greatest threats ever comes from within?

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